OneAragon, one portal that can be accessed
by all employees, managers and HR via a web interface.

Screenshot of the application on mobile and tablet
This HR solution can also be accessed
on tablets or smartphones,
ideal for mobile users!

Core HR

A single data repository, interlinked HR data, operational and managerial reports, improved service…

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Talent management

Manage all HR development processes by making best use of employee skills.

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Workforce management

Manage leave requests, hours of work and scheduling, and conduct strategic, operational scheduling.

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Interface paie

Configurable, our solution interfaces with all the market’s payroll engines (ADP, Sage, Cegid, HR Access) as well as some ERPs.

Core HR

An HR function that supports your business strategy

Our SaaS HR solution saves time and improves quality by cutting out multiple inputs and data loss with employee file stored on the cloud. You manage your talents easily by visualising and sharing key workforce indicators in real time.

  • Save time and improve quality: cut out multiple inputs and data loss with employee files stored on the cloud
  • Manage your human resources easily: with dashboards, visualise and share key workforce indicators in real time
  • Improve the quality of service and save time by delegating HR management tasks to your employees using Self-service

Employee file


Collaborative tools


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Talent management

Aragon-eHR helps you attract and retain talent

The Aragon-eHR HRMS helps you promote your employment brand while ensuring that all talent management processes are rigorously monitored, quickly identifying potential in your talent pool by matching up desired skills, aligning staff activity with your business strategy and strengthening employee commitment.

  • Promote your employment brand by ensuring that all talent management processes are rigorously monitored
  • Quickly identify potential in your talent pool by matching up desired skills
  • Align staff activity with your business strategy
  • Strengthen employee commitment

New talent

Careers and skills


Compensation management

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Workforce management

Manage employee hours of work and absences

With Aragon-eHR HR management software you improve the flow of your activity management processes by delegating some of these processes to “Operatives”. You optimise processing costs with simple, reliable information and increase employee productivity, each managing their careers.

  • Reduce costs of managing attendance and absences
  • Optimise operational costs
  • Select the best scheduling options

Leave and absences


Strategic scheduling

Operational scheduling

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The module allows data stored in OneAragon to be extracted to Excel/XML format:

  • 100% of data can be exported to Excel
  • Dynamic charts
  • Data access in real time

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