New feature: to-do list

The new to-do list feature will allow you to allocate activities to employees and will also display a list of the activities specific to a project.

checklistThe employee can track the status of his/her activities within the list as there will be an indication of the state of progress by the side of each activity.

The list contains the following information:

  • Display of the current period of planning and of period to come (in the form of a drop-down bar)
  • The duration of the period (one week, two weeks, month or quarter)
  • Number of days of absence over the chosen period
  • Confidence index with color system to define the feasibility
  • Graph showing the calculated performance for each activity (estimated time of activity, estimated time period and the percentage of completion)

The manager has access to his/her own list of activities in addition to the members of his/her team, with a graph that shows the overall progress of the team:

  • Order of activities
  • Description of activity
  • Comments
  • Provisional dates
  • Estimated time
  • Accomplishment of the activity in the form of a graph consisting of 4 levels:
    • 0-red 0%: Red
    • 33-orange 33%: Red-orange
    • 66-yellow 66%: Orange-green
    • 100-green 100%: Green

Any activity that exceeds its given period will automatically replace the following activity in terms of priority, until it is finished. These activities are flagged.

If you would like to facilitate your HR management through our new feature, to-do list, then do not waste any time and get in touch with Aragon-eHR now!