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Focus on manager implication in the evaluation process: le Crédit Coopératif case.

Crédit Coopératif evolves to paper-free evaluations with Aragon-eHR

Crédit Coopératif, ever socially involved and servicing the local economy, has doubled in size (2000 employees today) and expanded its business activities over the last ten years. Thanks to Aragon-eRH, the bank has been able to transform its management practices to successfully evolve with this growth.

Forecasting employment and competences

Implementing a workforce planning initiative at Crédit Coopératif required the migration of evaluations management, activity matrices and potential employee career advancements from paper to software.

With its Evaluation and Workforce Planning modules, Aragon-eRH has accompanied Crédit Coopératif in this transformation. Now, employees evaluate themselves in a secure and confidential environment. The managers can then review the evaluations and compare the two competency “radars”.

280 managers, 2,000 employees, 94% return

280 managers at Crédit Coopératif were trained on the tool, receiving management coaching for annual evaluations in which employees provide 80% on the exchange. In addition, each of the 2,000 employees has the opportunity to provide comments following their evaluation.

With its Evaluation module, Aragon-eHR delivers simple and intuitive interfaces that facilitate the flow of the annual evaluation. 94% of the evaluations were completed and validated on time.

Why choose Aragon-eHR?

It is essential that the tool correspond to our values and the needs of our managers. Araon-eRH is adapted to people: the screen interfaces are intuitive; the competency radars facilitate the manager-employee discussion, the tool easily integrates our own matrices and the service teams were fully invested in the implementation.

Marie Laborda – Program Director, Crédit Coopératif

Aragon-eHR also chosen for its ability to collaborate with consultancies

Manager training was executed by the training entity Chaméléon, and the programme managed by Talent & Formation. Aragon-eRH’s service branch smoothly incorporated itself in the ensemble and team projects: personalization of the tool, interfacing with the pay system (ADP), guidance for manager & employee training and change management.